Welcome to Bratislava! Have a peek into local life.

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia is becoming more and more attractive to travelers who want to discover local sights.  Most of the travelers also seek to find something else  than crowded touristy attractions, museums, galleries and churches. So I want to share my favourite spots and places that are worth visiting and make you feel like one of the locals.

Mileticka market

Every time I need to get a fresh, natural Slovak ingredient or a delicacy I visit Mileticka market. Local producers sell their goods for a reasonable prices and this place is also very popular for a mixture of products it offers. You can find everything that Slovak cuisine consists of here and if you are in a mood for trying typical Slovak products, this is the place to visit.

Mileticka market

Slavin memorial

From my experience, not so many travelers know about this historically significant place located  fairly close to the Bratislava castle. Slavin is built on a hill and it is known as a memorial monument and Soviet Army soldiers cemetery.  Apart from its historical and cultural significance, the views you have from here are fantastic and you will definitely have an opportunity for few great snaps.


Sunset view from the castle

Yes, you’re right. The Bratislava castle is one of the most touristy spots in the city. Nevertheless, if you’re in Bratislava on a sunny cloudless day you should definitely plan your castle visit just before the sunset. There isn’t as many tourists as during the day and it will also give you an opportunity to watch the city peacefully delve into the night.


Dusk over Bratislava

Hang out spot by Eurovea

Are you in a mood for a picknik with your fellow travelers or just for laying on green grass enjoying sunshine and buzz of the crowd? Well, you’re in luck! There is a perfect place for it right next to the shopping centre Eurovea on a bank of the Danube river. On sunny days it is almost impossible to find a spot as all the locals hang out here sipping refreshing drinks in caffes  or laying on the grass by the river.

Eurovea promenade by the Danube river

Ice hockey? Live it!

We love ice hockey.  We love to watch ice hockey. We love to talk about ice hockey. And we love to cheer for our ice hockey team when playing in Olympic games or World championship. So if you’re in Bratislava and you truly want get to know what makes us, Slovaks, feels so special, get your ticket for an ice hockey game. Soak up the atmosphere on a stadium and get involved in cheering and booing with other fans .

Ice hockey fans

Have you ever visited Bratislava? What are your suggestions for other travelers? Share you experience and let us know! =)

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