The Case of Itchy Feet: 5 Tips for Restless Travellers Who Can’t Travel

It’s been a while since I got home from my last travels. Even though it feels nice to have a break and enjoy the benefits of not packing my life into a backpack and carry it around most of the time, I get restless from time to time. My feet are itchy  and I can almost hear the calling of foreign and unknown lands which wait for me to be discovered. So I thought of few tips what to do if hitting the road is not an option just yet.

1Meet Travelers Around You

If you can’t go traveling, make the traveling come to you. There are definitely travelers from all around the world in your city and you can go and meet them. There are few ways how to do so, why not just start with Couchsurfing? Even if you don’t feel like offering your home to anyone just yet, you can still look up the regular weekly meetings in your city where you can blend in with both locals and travelers. Apart from sharing your travel experiences, you can learn a thing or two, find new friends with common interests and most importantly, the mixture of local and international people will make you feel so.. well, international.

2. Rediscover Your City

If you have lived in your city for a while now, you might think that there is nothing left to discover. Well, you will be surprised! There is always something to explore, a museum that you walked around your whole life but you have never entered or a new coffee shop that just opened behind the corner. If you think you REALLY have seen it all, there is nothing to prevent you from escaping to the city surroundings and spend a lovely day without the crowds and the city rush hour.

Get inspired how to rediscover your city at: RootandVine 

3. Learn A New Language

There are many ways how to get ready for your next trip and make the waiting part more enjoyable. Dust up the language you used to learn in high school or start fresh with a  language that you feel drawn to and jump into it! Not only you will have a new skill to add to your resume but you can have a lot of fun learning.  Do you think that it takes too much time, money and effort? Well, aren’t you Mr. or Mrs. Glass Half Empty. Don’t worry though, there are ways how to avoid all the hassle and enjoy it!

Find the best tips for learning a new language: How To Learn a Language

4. Plan your next trip

Now, I don’t mean to plan every waking moment of your next trip. Use the time you have before your next travels to find out more about the destination. From my experience, there is always a hidden gem that you have to dig up. So read blogs, browse through Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor, ask locals for tips on Couchsurfing or find your own source by searching on the Internet. And don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears open because you never know…Someone just might have a great tip for you.

5. International cuisine

Do you miss eating exotic meals and the ‘exotic’ restaurants in you city just don’t do it for you? Well, there is another option. You can learn how to make the meals you miss on your own. Consider taking a cooking course or you can master the craft by yourself which makes it even more fun! If you are one of those people who have kitchen just for the appearances and use the oven as an extra storage space, it’s time to change it.  No worries, there are online sites that are here to rescue, try Chef Steps or Cooking Channel where you can find many international recipes and you will be guided step-by-step.

Learn to cook

Do you have any other ideas how to cheat your itchy feet? Share your tips with us! =) 

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