Beautiful Places Around Us : Just A Thought

I’m a daydreamer and I love traveling. This means that I usually combine these two things into one and I keep daydreaming about foreign countries, magical sunsets and stunning beaches. This day was no different than any other days. After work I decided to go for a jog to the small lake close by. It wasn’t my first time jogging by this lake but this evening I saw it clearly for the first time. And I thought it was beautiful.

Sunset in Ruzinov, Bratislava

Sunset in Ruzinov, Bratislava

Although I didn’t have a good camera on me, I tried to capture the beautiful scenery I saw. It reminded me that the most amazing things are right in front of us. Every day. So take it from me, you don’t always have to go abroad to see stunning place, they are everywhere around, you just need to keep your eyes open and you’ll be amazed.

Share what beautiful places you have discovered around you! I’m looking forward to your replies =)

A Penny For Your Thoughts..

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