Bazant Pohoda Music Festival in Trencin, Slovakia

A few days ago, the most popular music festival in Slovakia had come to an end. What a crazy few days! I have to confess, I’m not a huge fan of music festivals and the reasons why I decided to go to this one were mostly related to seeing my friends and just enjoy the atmosphere of summer nights and people having fun. But boy, was I glad that I went!

Pohoda festival

Pohoda festival

This festival is not like any others. Everyone can find something to do.  Apart from several music stages, there was a roller disco tent, cinema tent, debate tent, dental hygiene tent, massage tent, tents for voluntary and environmental organisations like Greenpeace, Ekopolis and many others, tents for relaxing, Maybelline and Garnier tents where girls could get their make-up and hair done for free, few tea houses, stands where upcoming designers could sell their handmade products, such as clothes and jewelry, fun activities, countless food stands with very wide choice of food (vegan, vegetarian, Slovak food, burgers, etc..) and I can go on and on.. Even after 3 days on the festival, I couldn’t say I’d seen it all. But most importantly, the music was awesome.


Sumo fighting

I was a skeptic at first because there were very few artists I actually heard of before coming to Pohoda. So I chose few concerts that I wanted to see and I chose few randomly or based on my friends’ recommendation. And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Among the artists I enjoyed the most definitely belong Seasick Steve, an American blues singer, Tricot, a Japanese alternative rock band, Vrbovski vitazi, a Slovak musicians using their ‘homemade’ alternative instruments, Disclosure, an English electronic duo and so many more!

Seasick Steve

Seasick Steve

Unfortunately, it was impossible to see all the artists performing during the festival so I had to make my own picks and stick with them.  The only thing I can say, it’s that I definitely don’t regret going to this festival, I had an awesome time with my friends, with all the activities and especially all the concerts. Now, I have added few more musicians on my play list, I have great pictures and memories and I’m going to Pohoda music festival again next year, that’s for sure.

Summer goes hand in hand with the music festivals? Have you been to any this year? Let me know which one is your favourite! 🙂

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