Where to pig out in Bratislava: Best Homemade Burgers

To start with, I realize that Slovak food is quite heavy and not many tourists can eat halusky and bryndza every day nor can Slovaks. I have to confess that I’m not a big fan of burgers and prefer to stick to my healthy eating habits. However, I love to have a burger once in a while but it has to be a good one. There are many fast food chains offering a wide range of burgers but the quality is poor. And honestly, the fast food chains are not even that popular in Slovakia in general. For that reason, Be About is a great alternative if you’re in mood for a burger, not to mention that this place is also popular with locals. Some of my friends recommended me to go there and satisfy my seldom burger cravings while making it an experience. Be About is located very close to the city centre, hidden in one of the lanes along the Danube and it offers mostly American bar food. On Be About website, you can read that all the burgers are freshly made because the meat and the burgers are never frozen. They also claim that all the ingredients are always fresh. Well, let’s see about that.

The interior of the place is really cosy and the walls are decorated by comics and imitations of newspaper’s clips.  The waiting staff is very efficient and smiley and you won’t find any nervous, impatient waitresses over here, I can promise you that! And now let’s get to the burgers served here.

There is a wide choice of burgers on the menu with different toppings and you can pick one among 20 different burgers with a  choice of beef, pork of chicken meat. So you can imagine that it took me a while to decide.  I was pleasantly surprised that right after I ordered, a waitress brought a complimentary nachos with homemade salsa dip as a starter so I was able to snack on something while waiting.

After approximately 15 minute wait, I was served my burger. Everything on my plate looked and tasted deliciously fresh and juicy, the meat was tender and most importantly the meal was huge. So be ready that you might not be even able to finish your meal on your own!

Patriot Burger with fries and onion rings

Patriot Burger with fries and onion rings

Healthier option with Rice

Healthier option with Rice

I have to say, so far this has been one of the tastiest burgers I’ve ever eaten and when I have cravings for a burger next, I’ll know where I go. And to all of you who are visiting Bratislava, let me just say Dobrú chuť!

You can out Be About website here, including the full food and drink menu and for the location click here

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