Re-discovering Rožňava, a small town in southeast Slovakia

I left my hometown nine years ago, I think.  I didn’t realize that it’s been so long just until recently.  Of course, I visited my family on regular basis but never for more than a few days as I lived abroad. Now I’ve been in Slovakia for over a year now, but in the capital, not in my hometown and I’ve just come back from a visit. So many things have changed since I left years ago but it seems to me that the time stands still in Rožňava. Yes, there are few new shops and restaurants and lesser job opportunities but apart from that this town seems to be trapped in a time capsule.  Every time I go back it seems like I’ve never left.

The watchtower in Rožňava, Slovakia from

Tourism in Rožňava is not very well develop and it’s a mystery to me why there aren’t more tourists. Yes, the town itself is small and one might say sleepy but if you’re looking to discover normal, ‘authentic’ Slovak life, you will have that chance here. Rožňava has a rich mining history and it’s surrounded by a beautiful nature and historical monuments. Amongst all, I’d like to share my three favourite spots in my hometown which makes it very special to me.

First thing on my list is the view I have when I look outside my window. Having lived in the big cities for the last few years, I didn’t get to enjoy being close to the nature very often.

Views of the surroundings

Views of the surroundings

Then there is the train station building – it’s an old, not very frequented building just outside the town and the layout goes back to the times when communism was still alive. Not much has changed about the building since the communism ended in Slovakia though. Every time I’m there I can feel the nostalgia reminding of the times already forgotten. It makes me imagine how busy it used to be few decades ago buzzing with the crowds of people traveling to and from the town.

Train Station in Rožňava

Train Station in Rožňava

The last spot can also be interesting for all the beer lovers as it is a brewery called Kaltenecker where you can try the local brews. It was opened in 1997 to continue the local tradition of beer brewing which is as rich as the mining tradition. You can also take a tour of the brewery and do beer tasting for a great price and combine it with tasting a traditional Slovak cuisine as well.

Kaltenecker brewery from

There are many other spots that are definitely worth seeing when visiting my hometown, such as castles, caves, museums, national parks, lakes and I could go on. So if you are looking for a place where you can experience suburban life in Slovakia, you should put Rožňava on your list.  And let me just say, even though I moved away years ago, I always enjoy being back and re-discover the town I know the best.

What’s the spot in your hometown that you find very special? Let me know, I’m curious and looking forward to your comments 🙂 

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