Bratislava’s Hidden Gems

My alarm clock goes off every morning at 7.30. Snooze. Then it rings every ten minutes until I decide that I have to wake up if I want to be at work relatively on time. I have my morning routine when I wake up and I still have time for my coffee and for a morning walk to my office. I put on my headphones and listen to music in a false hope that it will wake me up. Then, there is a different morning routine which usually includes me desperately running around my apartment looking for my shirt or skirt that are nowhere to be found or a second shoe that magically disappeared. On days like this, there is no time to waste and catching a bus is the only option how to get to work not too late.  So I guess I can use both of the scenarios as an excuse why I have never had time to notice this cool old abandoned building of a train station in my neighborhood which I pass every morning. Well, until the last weekend anyway. I woke up in a mood to discover something new and that was when I thought of this building. It was a beautiful sunny autumn day so I decided to have a look at it and a few other cool spots in the city.

The train station Bratislava Filialka, originally a part of a horse railway, had been used until 1985. There have been few not very successful attempts to restore this place. It’s located close to Trnavske myto, one of the hubs in Bratislava.

Old Train Station Filialka

Are you looking for an original place to stay while in Bratislava? Congrats, you found it! The hotel GaleriaSpirit will catch your attention straight away by its original exterior. Have a look for yourself.

Hotel Galeria Spirit

Hotel Galeria Spirit

My next stop was the most peaceful and quite place in the city – Lurdska cave, located just above the Hlboka street and it’s popular with people seeking some quite alone time and to pray. There is a statue of Virgin Mary set in stone walls and you can find over 4000 tables in her honour. If you visit this spot, make sure you respect the silence and people praying.

Lurdska jaskyna

Lurdska jaskyna

Lycejna ulica is the only street in Bratislava that hasn’t changed in 200 years. It’s a little street not far from the city center and as soon as you get there, you can feel the history of the city coming out of its walls.

Lycejna ulica

Lycejna ulica

The day was almost over when I finished my tour at Lycejna ulica and I was ready to head home, had a glass of wine and watch the sunset from my balcony. I can promise you though that the search for Bratislava’s secret cool spots is still on and I will keep you updated with my new discoveries.  I hope you will have a chance to visit some of these places not everyone knows about. And when you do, don’t forget to let me know about your experience! =)

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