Autumn Day in Bratislava: Železná Studnička and Kamzík

I love autumn. It’s my favourite season of the year because the nature is so full of colours and I can watch the leaves changing from green, yellow, red to brown. Even though the sun is still shining, the freshness in the air indicates that the warm summer days are gone and sweater weather days are upon us. This weekend I packed up my summer clothes, took out warmer clothes and wore my sweater for the first time this season. I was all set to go for a walk to Železná studnička, a part of Bratislava’s forest park. It’s a good place for a barbecue with friends or for a family day trip as the nature is beautiful and there is also a playground for children to keep them busy.

Železná studničkaŽelezná studničkaŽelezná studnička

I decided to combine it with a visit of TV Tower Kamzík, easily accessible from Železná studnička by a cablecar. The ride takes around 8 minutes and you can buy the return ticket only for 4 Euros.

Cable CarCable Car Ride

When I approached the TV Tower Kamzík, the highest tower in Slovakia, I was excited to see the city from this perspective. There are 2 restaurants, Altitude restaurant and Brasserie, in the tower. Unfortunately, you need to go in and order something if you want to have a view but the good news is that you’re fine ordering just a coffee, it doesn’t have to be a full meal. I got a spot in a Altitude restaurant that slowly rotates so everyone can see the city from different angles. Even though, it wasn’t the highest spot in the tower (Brasserie is), the views were still great and I enjoyed it while sipping my coffee and nibbling on baked raspberries.

TV Tower Kamzik from www.

What an amazing day! I came back home with red cheeks and my sweater soaked up with fresh autumn forest air. Did I mention that I love autumn?

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