Zadiel Valley: Nature Reserve in Southeast Slovakia

Zadiel Valley is a beautiful place not far from my hometown Roznava. I remember visiting it long time ago when I was a child but I could not recall much. So last time when I went to see my family, I decided to go there again and refresh my memory as Zadiel Valley is a great place to take a stroll and admire the work of the nature. We parked our car in the village Zadiel and started our hike from there using a concrete path leading straight to the valley.

So what makes this valley so unique? Zadielska dolina (Zadiel Valley) is a monumental karst canyon created by the Blatny stream and its  depth is almost 400 m. There is also the highest towerlike rock in Slovakia called Cukrova homola. Apart from the views of the beautifully shaped rocks, this valley is a paradise for botanists and rock climbing enthusiasts. If you are looking only for a chilled walk or easy hike, this valley can offer it to you. And one more thing. At the end of the canyon, there is a buffet where you can refresh yourself and during the summer you can also do barbecue so do not forget to pack the supplies. Have a great trip!

Check the location here.

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