Malá Baňa:Hiking Spot in Malé Karpaty

With my decreasing appetite for wild, crazy parties which go on until the sunrise (and sometimes even longer), I noticed that my interest in hiking has increased. However, sometimes there are days when I just don’t feel like going on a serious, long hike but I still want to get out of the city and stretch my legs. I had one of those days. Lucky me, I currently live in Rača , one of the boroughs in Bratislava with a rich, wine producing history. Rača is located on southeast side of the Malé Karpaty mountain range and provides a great access to many hiking trails.

So I decided to have a hike – or more like a walk – to the top of the hill called Malá Baňa. This  hill is not special by anything in particular, but it is a nice hike through the forest and you get rewarded by a great view over the mountain range. You will also notice a big, wooden cross that was put there in 2014 by very enthusiastic hiker Roman Kucera on the occasion of his 44th birthday.

kriz1What makes this spot special is a self-service buffet, the one and only in Slovakia. It offers refreshment, such as beer, water, sweets but also handy items like a handsaw. You simply take what you want and leave money in a box that is there for this purpose. Price list is also available so you can check the price for individual items.

And what else can you find there? A hiking diary where you can leave a message, a place for a bbq and a swing for children (although it could hold my weight, too).

How can you get there? Simply take a tram no. 3 or 5 from Bratislava city centre or Racianske myto hub. Get off at Detvianska stop and on the crossroad, turn left (up hill). At the end of the street, look for the tourist sign leading you towards your destination. To reach Malá Baňa, follow the blue sign.

You can also extend your hiking trip as there are few other hiking trails to follow. Don’t forget to pack your own supplies (water, snacks, bbq) and off you go! Have a good trip!

Check Malá Baňa website – it is only in Slovak though but good news is that it consists mostly of pictures, yay! Also, you can find a map of the hiking trails here.


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