Vintage Festival: Have you tried “burčiak” yet?

     Vintage festival (vinobranie) in Pezinok, Rača and Modra is a traditional event associated with grape harvesting period. Celebrations usually start with an allegorical procession, accompanied by singing and music performed by local folk groups. Visitors can enjoy rich programme and a number of accompanying events like performances of various folk groups. Competitions and different activities are also held in a spirit of wine producing culture. The main attraction for visitors is burčiak tasting. There is no expression in English for this type of wine but it is referred to as a partially fermented wine or “new” wine. There are many local wine producers who come to the vintage festival and sell different types of burčiak. Apart from burčiak, people can look forward to different kinds of Slovak culinary delights, such as Slovak traditional meals, cheese , meat products, sweets and many more.

     This weekend I visited the first vintage festival this year in Rača, one of the boroughs in Bratislava. Wine producing has always been a part of Rača’s history since its first mention which goes back to 1296. Even back then, Rača was known as a vineyard village under the name “villa Racha”. This part of Bratislava is my home right now and I really enjoy living here! Back to the vintage festival though. Everyone can find something here. Gastronomical adventures, wine tasting, comparing different types of burčiak, souvenir shopping, chilling, listening to the live music, enjoying the programme or admiring the products of traditional crafts. My favourite part of the festival is to taste unique wine products, such as elderflower wine or strawberry wine. They are delicious! The programme continues in the evening when Slovak famous artists take charge of the entertainment for the younger half of the festival visitors. And the celebrations go on until midnight!

So if you missed the vintage festival in Rača, don’t worry! There are others coming up so check the vintage festival in Pezinok next week which is even bigger than the one in Rača. And the week after that, it is time to celebrate wine and wine making in Modra so enjoy, have fun and do not drink too much – otherwise you will have to face a very naughty hangover the next day! 🙂

Location: Pezinok, Slovakia
Vintage Pezinok 16 – 18 September 2016

Location: Modra, Slovakia
Modranské vintage 23 – 25 September 2016

The sites are not in English but you can find the whole programme here, just use any online translator to find out more.

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