Mystical Site – Church Ruins

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I love to visit old, historical places like castle or church ruins in my neighborhood. There are so many sites and each and one of them breathes with history. It was just few days ago when I visited a church site not far from my hometown. It is better to say that it used to be a church long time ago and I only visited what is left of it – ruins. It is located close to my hometown Rožňava, only 16 km away, and the church ruins are overlooking the village Lúčka. This village is situated right at the border of the mountains creating a very romantic setting for a stroll.

When I spotted the ruins,it was love at the first sight. I immediately thought that it was a perfect place for weddings. Simple, romantic and a bit mystical Before I walked up the hill to get a closer look, I noticed that only the bell tower was still quite maintained in contrast with the rest of the place. Walking between the ramshackle abandoned walls of medieval church with the sun slowly going down, my imagination needed no more. I could feel the history and all the untold, secret stories of people who once inhabited this place. The walls were whispering and as I wandered around I could hear the church bell ringing, the people praying hundreds of years ago and I thought about all the happy and sad life events that took place there.

Suddenly, I noticed that the last rays of sun disappeared and the fresh winter air was getting colder and colder. It was time to get back home to the reality. At the end of that day, my head was full of images and I was filled with strange emotions that places evoked in me…

If you plan on visiting Slovakia and discovering places that are off the beaten path, you should definitely put this one on your list. You can find out more about the history of the church here

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