Discover Places Around You

via Daily Prompt: Discover

iscover is one of the words which I use on a daily basis. The reason is simple – I like to         discover something new every day. My blog is about discovering new places in my                 “backyard” and in my neighborhood, letting you guys know as soon as I find                       something off the beaten path in Slovakia, my country. So what “to discover” really             means to me?

nteresting. It is hard to fit into everyone’s category of interesting. To me it means to find  and visit a place where I can let my imagination work full speed. Something that can tell a story and it is just waiting for the right audience to uncover it.

S urprising. I like to learn about the secrets of my new discoveries which are quite often        astonishing. And about fun facts.. Who doesn’t love fun facts?

C aptivating. When you google a search term “captivating places”, you stay breathless and     your bucket lists of “places to visit” is immediately a bit longer. Slovakia has those                breathtaking places, too, and I will tell you all about them, one by one.

O ff the beaten path. Most of the time I fell in love with places and artefacts that are                outside the usual tourist zone.

V aluable. I feel enriched after discovering a new place, learning about its meaning and its       secrets. It brings a certain value to my life and that is priceless.

E xciting. It means to discover something of historical, natural or cultural value.                      Something that is not know to the wide public. Something that I can share with others.

R estless. I certainly am when looking for a new inspiration, a new place that could spark      my interest.

What does the word “discover” means to you? Share your thoughts with me. 🙂

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