Fun Facts About Slovakia: Did You Know That The Garden Of Janko Kráľ…?

Fun Fact Thursday is a challenge I promised myself I would start a long time ago and finally it is time for the first Fun Fact Post! As you might have guessed, I will regularly post on Thursdays and  reveal not so well-known facts about Slovakia or any other country. Let´s start with a interesting piece of information I have just recently learnt about Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia!

So did you know that… 

……the Garden of Janko Kráľ in Bratislava is the oldest public park in Central Europe? 

It is located in Petržalka, one of the suburbs in Bratislava, between the Old and the New Bridge. The idea which was behind the creation of this park was to establish the first park open to public. It was created in 1774 – 76 and the park’s design as it looks today was completed in 1839. The Garden of Janko Kral became a home to many exotic plants and their presence contributes to a unique vibe which you can feel while having a walk or chilling on a bench.

If you decide to visit this park, don’t forget to take a look at the garden gazebo which used to be a part of a franciscan church. Over the years it has become a landmark and many people use the gazebo as a meeting point. Wandering through the park, you might also come across the statue of Janko Kral which is situated in the heart of the park.

The Garden of Janko Kral is your quick escape from the rush of the city and on hot summer days you will find a shelter in the park where you can hide in front of the relentless heat. So take a stroll, pack a picnic basket or simply just meet your friends in front of the gazebo and enjoy the countryside atmosphere right in the middle of Bratislava.


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