Fun Friday: How To Be A Vancouverite

Light rain was the first thing I noticed after I arrived to Vancouver. It didn’t spoilt my mood because I was too happy my journey had come to an end. I thought the weather would be nicer the next day. Little did I know I was wrong.

Weather forecasts for Vancouver almost always include the word “rain”: heavy rain, light rain, rain, cloudy with rain. Occasionally, the word rain is exchanged for the word showers. A distinction without a difference. Before I started to live in Vancouver, I didn’t  know much about the city and what I learned was that it rains most of the time and I’d better get used to it.

One morning I was in for a surprise. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. I jumped off my bed with a speed of light, grabbed a map of Vancouver and I headed to the streets armed with my camera. The sunny weather didn’t last long, but I was thankful even for the few hours. That day I realized, I got used to the rain and it didn’t bother me as much as during my first weeks in Vancouver. I was slowly turning into a Vancouverite.

I’ve been living in Vancouver for several months now and the secret to becoming a good Vancouverite is to follow the steps in the video below. A little warning: it’s not as simple as you’d think as it takes time to save up for a 38 million property, but hey, we’ll all get there. In case you’re loaded, congratulations! You’ll become a real Vancouverite in no time!

So let’s get to it!

  1. Start with the pronunciation. It is not Vancouver, it’s Vangcouver.
  2. Ladies, it’s time to put on your yoga pants! Gentlemen, if you haven’t been hipsterfied so far, you might as well get it over with now. Don’t forget to carry your Starbucks takeaway cup everywhere you go to add the finishing touch to your new look.
  3. Don’t like the rain? Well, get used to it if you want to live in Raincouver. As a real Vancouverite, you won’t see the sun as often as before you moved in here.
  4. Don’t forget to complain about the weather at any occasion. You wouldn’t be a real Vancouverite if you would just accept the weather as it is.
  5. Check your umbrella stock and if you only own one umbrella, you’d better get a couple more. There is no such a thing as enough umbrellas in Vancouver.
  6. Find any local store offering organic products in your neighborhood and shop only there.
  7.  Talk about healthy things you do, like drinking coconut water or eating kale. People should know how much you enjoy coconut water and how good it is for you.
  8. If you’re not into yoga or paddle board by the time you arrived in Vancouver, too bad. You need to change your attitude and sign up for your paddle board yoga course. It’s simply very Vancouverite!

Want more steps to follow? Check the video below and start your transformation into a real Vancouverite! And remember Vangcouver is the best place in the world!


A Penny For Your Thoughts..

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