My Story

I became a travelholic after my first solo trip to London, UK right after I turned 18. Since then, I lived in a charming town La Rochelle in France, a student town Luton in UK, vibrant and amazing Copenhagen in Denmark and so-far-my-favourite Melbourne in Australia. I also had a chance to traveled around Europe and Asia, visiting most of the European metropoles and touristy and not-so- touristy places in Asia. Now, I live in Bratislava, Slovakia where I come from, and I’m planning my next big trip.

2 responses to “My Story

  1. I find it fascinating that Europeans travel the world so often at an early age of 18. In America, traveling to one country (studying abroad) is impressive, but the world, doesn’t happen as often, I enjoy reading about others experiences. I hope to travel to Europe and Australia one day and maybe on one of my journeys I’ll have to stop in Slovakia! Cool blog


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